Aug 1

Yamaha launched the Tyros keyboard at Summer NAMM 2002. They decided to stop the production of PSR9000 and PSR9000pro and replace it with Tyros.

Tyros came with a brand new design, no speakers and aiming to the future. It incorporate MegaVoice technology that delivers impressive big and clear sounds, USB connectivity, and HD option.

Definitely the Tyros, like the PSR9000pro at its time raised the bar for professional arranger keyboards in the market, not only in sound but also in design and features.

The first time I heard this keyboard I was astonished, but I didn’t buy it because I wanted a Tyrus “pro” version with 76 keys, like the PSR9000pro, it is 2008 and yet I’m still waiting.

Here are some audio demo from Tyros:


Tyros Main Demo (Excellent multi style demo) mp3@128kbps 1.22Mb
Orchestral Main Demo .mp3@128kbps 2.61Mb

Style Demo:

Ibiza .mp3@128kbps 1Mb
Jazz Funk .mp3@128kbps 0.56Mb
Kaempfert Swing .mp3@128kbps 0.55Mb
Live8 Beat .mp3@128kbps 0.62Mb
Mod Country Ballad .mp3@128kbps 0.68Mb
New Country Mod Country Ballad .mp3@128kbps 0.78Mb

For more info and specifications visit Tyros YamahaPkClub site

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